Friday, February 8, 2008

Santana's gone, team "could" be good by 2010. Yippee.

It's apparent now that the Twins are settling for the let's-be-good-when-the-new-stadium-opens mode. How else do you justify the settlement the team came to in giving away Johan Santana?

The team didn't need three new, young, totally unproven arms that are three years away from challenging for a fifth starter spot.

The team did need a starting centerfielder.

They didn't get him.

Granted, Carlos Gomez has the tools to be darn good. I'll give him that. But starting in Torii Hunter's old spot come April? Um, no.

Here's where we are as Twins fans: hope the Mauer-Morneau-Cuddyer-Young crew can post enough offense to offset the totally depleated pitching staff.

One thing's for sure: they may be good in 2010, but 2008 could get ugly. Time to trade Joe Nathan and get something of importance back and not just another prayer for 2010.

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Jimmy Olichwier said...

No spring training updates? The position battle for centerfield is down to three weak hitters, but oh are they fast. Based on the rotation's numbers from last year, I predict 92 losses. Way to get Livan 5 years past his prime. The Cuban Sidney Ponson. I want a poll on when Francisco Liriano goes on the DL for the first time. Put me down for May 12.