Monday, August 25, 2008

Eddie! Eddie!

The Twins acquired former Twins closer Eddie Guardado from the Texas Rangers today. The waiver wire deal is an outstanding one by GM Billy Smith. The Twins are in desperate need of any kind of bullpen help. But this kind of bullpen help is of the upper echelon.

Guardado is still one of the best left-handed setup men in the major leagues. Thus far this season, he is 3-3 with a 3.65 ERA in 55 games. The Twins gave up right-handed closer Chris Hamburger, a 21-year-old pitching at rookie league Elizabethton.

It was a heck of a deal and one that addresses the biggest of all concerns with this team.

Guardado has suffered injuries the past few seasons and struggled statistics-wise with Cincinnati and Seattle, but being back in the stable of the Twins and their coaching staff should help bolster his current great statistics even more. It was obvious the past four-plus years that Guardado desperately wished to be a Twin again. He often spoke of missing the Twins' style of baseball and the expectations of the entire staff. He struggled when he left. It is my opinion he won't struggle as he comes back.

Fans will undoubtedly chant Eddie! Eddie! each time he runs in from the bullpen to take the ball, complete an eighth inning and help solidify a Twins team that hopefully has another piece to overtake the White Sox.

From my spot catching in the bullpen, this looks like an outstanding move -- an absolutely exciting moment in a season that continues to get more and more exciting.

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