Friday, May 15, 2009

MLB Gameday

The Top MLB Innovation

Is there any better thing than the pitch-by-pitch approach used by MLB in its free Gameday package? Thursdays at work are significantly better with an afternoon Twins game on in a browser on my computer.

I often monitor multiple games when I'm not at the ballpark and it used to be an outstanding function while working on deadline at the newspaper.

Obviously MLB isn't the only website running pitch-by-pitch, but it's probably the best. It appears as if the programmers hired by the league are trying new innovations with it and trying to give the interface a more real-time, watching the game feel.

Watch NHL games on a gameday function. Or an NBA game. Every time I "watch" an NFL game on their Flash Player it's simply too frustrating to wait for the next play or the next comment put in by the person running it.

MLB's Gameday has them all beat. There are up-to-date statistics, links to each player's career stats, everything.

I know it sounds like an advertisement, but honestly, what innovations have better served baseball in recent years? Certainly not homerun replays or maple bats or long pant legs or that crappy font on Twins broadcasts which always has me wondering if the Twins are losing 1-0 or 7-0.

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Anonymous said...

Different parts of MLB Gameday freeze and I can't get them working so overall it gets all out of sorts and it is difficult to tell what is going on. Personally I prefer ESPN's Gamecast even when MLB's Gameday is working.