Monday, November 22, 2010

Friggin' Blogging Challenge Du Jour

I entered a blogging challenge. All I need to do is spout off about stuff I normally blog, tweet, FaceplateTM or otherwise kick out on the Interent non-stop for my classes at the U. Maybe I'll pop off some Twins stuff, too. You can access it on my normal homepage at my homepage.
Thanks to Word Savvy hot mama for pushing me to do it. You'll want to read my blog-du-jour about Thanksgiving -- no guess on what it's about, but a full day with the Bullpen Catcher's family is enough fodder for a full week of this challenge.

Hey, did you hear the one about Brad Childress getting fired ...

Seriously folks, did you notice that Chilly started the season with this headset:

And was fired after switching to this headset:

 So it's obvious ... Motorola is to blame for the Vikings' shitty season via altering the brain waves and football smarts of Brad Childress.

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