Sunday, April 20, 2008

Still Can't Smell 'Em

A loss to Tampa Bay, another to Cleveland and a nice win over the Indians again show the Twins' major lack of run production. With just 69 runs scored over 18 games (8-10 record), the Twin-towners are averaging 3.8 runs per game. That puts Minnesota at 25th in runs in the Major Leagues (KC is the only AL team with worse run production).

It goes without saying, but the bullpen hasn't been very good either. The lone exception is Joe Nathan, who has been outstanding. When the runs do come, the bullpen tends to blow the lead. It's hard to blame just the relievers when they've been out on the mound far more than usual. Starting pitchers are struggling to get past five or six innings in their outings.

The good news? With these obvious holes, the Twins are still just 2.5 out of first and two games short of .500. Fran Liriano's arm will do one of two things in the near future -- build arm strength and control or injure it again and go on the DL. Boof is clearly a middle reliever posing as a starter. Blackburn's latest game was sweet and he's been consistent. Baker and Hernandez are giving what the Twins expect, but hopefully will show much better form in May.

The lack of runs may help that starting pitching (and in effect the relievers too). Time to start smelling them again.

The solution is reallly quite simple. Time for Mike Redmond to strip down and run around naked some more to inspire the lads. Can you smell it? I figured you could.

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