Sunday, July 27, 2008

How About Some Trade Talk For A Change?

It's doubtful the Twins are going to make a deal within the week. It's doubtful the Twins will ever make a trade for a big-time player. It's downright positive we should doubt the Twins would act like a lot of other teams 1-2 games back in their division and make a run ... for the World Series, and not just another division title.



So I am left with dreams.

I dreamt a bit of Manny Ramirez or Gary Sheffield or even (gasp!) Barry Bonds hitting in the Twins lineup.

Then I woke up and pondered: Wouldn't it be something if the Twins actually were in trade talks to get the likes of Mark Teixeira, Jarrod Washburn, Hudson Street, Brian Fuentes, George Sherrill or A.J. Burnett? Dreams, I know. But think of the drama and the debating. Heck, think of the potential homeruns or wins.

I have to dream because Minnesota is NEVER in discussions for these kinds of players. To make matters more challenging, Twins fans must be creative with dreams and wish for, at best, someone we've heard of before. That's the criteria -- potential and all that. This is the reason I can't even get hopeful the rumors of Adrian Beltre (3B, Seattle, .260 BA, 16 HR, 47 RBI) coming to the Twins being more than a pipe dream.

I even dreamt up the thought the Twins could swing a deal -- one that involved another team in a three-way style that would circumvent obvious issues trading with the very team you're trying to catch. The deal is someone for oxymoronic White Sox third baseman Josh Fields (Josh Fields, um, not well). Fields is only 25 years old and hit 23 home runs last year. Joe Crede also plays third on the South Side of the Windy City, so Fields may be trade available. He'd take a bit to get. Jason Pridie and someone like Glen Perkins.

I'll keep dreaming and see what I can come up with. I'll just have to keep it cheap, keep it low-key, and keep it creative. Otherwise the Twins will want nothing to do with it.


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