Saturday, July 26, 2008

TradeFest '08

Baseball blogs across the country are steaming with trade possibilities -- including searing discussions in New York involving possible Yankee trades for Jarrod Washburn of the Angels and Cincinnatti slugger Adam Dunn -- but very little real swapping seems imminent.

The chatter is all around MLB: Matt Holliday, Mark Teixeira, Roy Halladay, Hudson Street, Casey Blake, Todd Helton ... big names who are "possibly" going to some other team. History tells us most of these folks will stay on their same team six days from now.

The Twins, in particular, are doubtful to make any move that would rise above the classification of being minor. Given the team's five-game losing streak and Francisco Liriano pitching so well in the minor leagues, it makes more sense for the team to work within its own system than make a deal. The culture of the front office has been to stand pat more often than not in trade deadline deals anyway.

With only five days left of speculation, my best bet is for the Twins to deal for a relief pitcher rather than a third baseman or right-handed DH. While a name like Arthur Rhodes (Seattle) is more likely to be in Billy Smith's mind, why not take a shot at Colorado lefty closer Brian Fuentes? The Mariners don't seem to be asking much in return (one rumor had the possiblity of the Mets landing him for the very average Adam Heilman and a prospect).

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