Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Detroit (Not) Rock City

I'm not sure which was worse Monday afternoon: Watching the terrible fill-in programming on WGN-TV as the White Sox and Tigers waited out a rain delay or Detroit's horrific pitching display during the game.

When Alexei Ramirez sat on that terrifically terrible pitch by Gary Glover in the sixth inning, things got worse.

Ramirez has always reminded me of Alphonso Soriano both in stature and batting stance. The difference, I decided Monday, is that I really love Ramirez as a player and couldn't loathe Soriano more than I currently do.

Ramirez is genuine. The Cuban 27-year-old hit that home run, gave the oh-my-gosh! look with his arms and face, then joyously loped around the bases. WGN had the camera on him as he sat alone on the bench afterwards, kissing his bat before succumbing to emotion. Ramirez dropped his face into his palms and momentarily cried. The range of emotions peculating in his body before, during and after that grand slam have to have been inconceivable. Just last year at this time he was pondering defection from Cuba (he signed a lowly contract of $4.4 million over four years with the White Sox on Dec. 22, 2007). Simply put, it was a great moment.

Here's hoping he has a downer of day at the Cell Tuesday, though.

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