Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time To Think About 2009

Nick Blackburn tossed one hell of a game Tuesday night. Unfortunately, the only highlight for the Twins was the pitching combo of Blackburn, Jose Mijares and Joe Nathan. Giving up five hits to the White Sox is more than Twins fans could ask at this point in the season. One run allowed should also be enough.

The bottom line is that the Twins lineup has not been a playoff lineup for a month. When your only hits are from Michael Cuddyer and Brendan Harris, there's trouble. Where were Mauer and Morneau the past week? The so-called piranhas were sunfish. Small ball went out the window outside the Metrodome.

It's time to look forward to next season and be happy this core group will be that much better next season. No doubt this was another of Ron Gardenhire's magic tricks, but next year we all must expect much, much more.

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Jimmy Olichwier said...

Nice of Morneau to disappear in the final 10 games of the season, hitting under .130 with a double and 1 RBI (three hits total). No MVP for him. Two lousy hits isn't going to get it done. They had a chance in the first inning with Span running and Casilla hitting a line shot to third resulting in the double play, that could have been a huge momentum swing and the right start to the game. After that it was squeeze the bat handle as hard as you can and flail away. They won 10 more games than I thought they would and broke my heart. Again.
Go (anybody but the) Cubs!