Friday, September 26, 2008

How 'bout My Minnesota Twins?

Years back I worked with a guy named Mike Augustin who would yell loudly across the newsroom, over the phone or type on the top text line of his raw stories: "How 'bout my St. John's Johnnies!?" or simply: "Myyyyyy Cubbies!"

Auggie usually was most boisterous when it was an underdog or a team overcoming long odds.

Thursday night Auggie was yelling across the heavens to St. Peter: "Myyyyyy Minnesota Twins!"

Three straight against the Chicago White Sox is deserving of any raucous fan belting it out. The way the Twins played in their sweep was nothing short of inspirational.

The finale was the capper. Down 6-1 and momentarily looking like a bumbling Triple-A team, the Twins buckled down. The dug deep. The never said never. Pick your damn cliche because whatever you call it, that's what they did.

Go-go Gomez is as goofy as they come, yet there he was going 4-for-5 with two triples and a double. Alexei Casilla looked clueless at the plate for nine innings and then drilled an 0-1 pitch into center for the game-winner. Denard Span has struggled of late, but suddenly oh-so-close to hitting for the cycle.

Joe Nathan hasn't exactly been perfect lately, but Gardy gives him the ball and he goes an unprecedented two innings, knocking down six straight White Sox for his first win.

It was pure Twins baseball, much to the delight and torture of White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. Justin Morneau and Delmon Young each went 0-for-5 and the Twins use seven pitchers, yet a teammate was always there to pick up the slack and spark a rally.

Twins baseball. Myyyyyyyy Twins baseball.

Three more days of fun.

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