Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another Sweep, More Mediocrity

Twins lose 13-1 Wednesday
BP Catcher Declares Post-Season Chances Done

By Bullpen Catcher

The most absurd thing to happen in Wednesday's 13-1 drubbing at Toronto wasn't Carlos Silva's attempt at pitching. It wasn't the Twins paltry offense (again). It wasn't the sweep.

It was John Gordon's voice on the radio claiming -- in the ninth inning no doubt -- that the Twins could still put together a nice run of wins (" winning 14 out of 18 or something to that effect ...") and get back in the AL Central race.


Gordo, the Twins are done. Wake up and smell your Grecian Hair Dye!

Fortunately for the radio crew, Danny Gladden was there to correctly point out the Twins have shown nothing of a team that can put together three or four wins, let alone a run like Gordo aspires for them. Gladden had to point this out three times in the waning moments of the latest embarassment.

Any Twins fan who thinks this team is going anywhere this season is wrong. They needed to win at least two on this trip to give any semblance of hope. The Twins are playing .505 baseball (51-50) and are 8 back in the wild card.

In the words of a former Pioneer Press colleague: "It's over!"


Anonymous said...

Maybe KTSP is worried that ratings will plummet if people think the team is not going anywhere, so Gordon has to hype it up so people have some hope and continue to listen to the games?


Jimmy Olichwier said...

When Gordo isn't screwing up the count, score, where the ball was hit, previous at-bats, or anything else pertaining to the game in front of him, I'll actually give any of his comments some credence. I'm so confident in the Twins futility, I have three individual wagers that the AAAA team won't finish above .500.