Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Jersey Talk

DYK: Twins Have 6 Jersey Combinations?
Roll Out My Favorites

By Bullpen Catcher

A recent check of press releases put out by the Minnesota Twins indicates the boys can wear six possible combinations of jerseys, pants and hats. There are the two traditional jersey pants combinations (white at home, gray pinstripes on the road), the navy blue "alternate" jersey additions (both home and road), the hideous red jerseys and the sleeveless home white jerseys.

Plus, there are two batting practice official jerseys.


Sunday usually results in goofy jerseys. Frankly, if I never see the blue alternate tops with white pants again, I'm happier than Boof at a buffet. Where did the Twins' best alternate uniform go? I loved the sleeveless white with blue undershirt. They're classy and, from my playing days, extremely comfortable. Come on Twins (or, I guess it's the starting pitchers who get to choose the uniform style the day they pitch), roll out the sleeveless jobs. Heck, if you think there's something superstitious about using them, then it can't hurt -- the team's been pathetic lately.
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