Saturday, July 28, 2007

Deal, Or No Deal?

Wigginton to Astros
Twins Miss Out On Trade For D-Rays 3B

By Bullpen Catcher
Despite Jason Tyner's recent power surge (he hit his first Major League home run in 1221 at bats Saturday), the Twins have been in desperate need for a bat in the middle of the lineup. Names listed in the trade rumors have been eclectic: Fat Dmitri Young (Nationals), Ty Wigginton (Devil Rays), Dan Johnson (A's), Sammy Sosa (Rangers), Matt Stairs (Blue Jays), and Jermaine Dye (White Sox).

But it seems obvious the Twins are getting ready to unload some players rather than pick them up. A recent report says the Mets are interested in Luis Castillo, Torii Hunter is a possible trade by Tuesday night, and Carlos "Saliva" Silva might take his home run pitch elsewhere.

Plus, the picture for the Twins' intentions seems to be clearing up as 3B Wigginton was traded to Houston today for crappy reliever Dan Wheeler . What happened there? We couldn't part with the likes of Juan Rincon or Ramon Ortiz? Gosh, what could we get for someone like Matt Guerrier?

Another indication the Twins are out of bids for help was when Fat Young signed a two-year deal with Washington to effectively keep him off the trade market.

Personally, if there was a single player I'd like the Twins to get, it would be Troy Glaus of the Blue Jays. He would fill a lot of voids. Alas, that won't be happening. Terry Ryan will soon be pulling in young talent instead of putting this team in a position to compete.

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