Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Slap 'N Go has Slapped and Gone

Castillo dealt for sludge
Twins quit on season

By Bullpen Catcher
Luis Castillo's trade for two minor leaguers signifies the end of the Twins run for the American League playoffs and may trigger another deal before today's trading deadline.

Slappy not only gave the Twins their only possible legitimate leadoff hitter, but was nearly flawless as a second baseman. The Nina, The Punto and The Santa Maria are all that's left to field next to President Jed Bartlett.

Twins General Manager Terry Ryan is telling local news stations and papers this doesn't mean the team is throwing up a white flag.

He's lying.

What's left to do now? Find a solid DH for the middle of the lineup? Get a strong third baseman to pull the infield together and offer some pop? Oh, that's right, the team doesn't have a leadoff hitter now. Forget all of that.

Sal Butera himself coming to the Twins in his prime was a better trade.

Back to rooting for Justin Morneau to hit a lot of home runs and for Matt Garza to get better for next year's rotation, I guess. Ugh.

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Jimmy Olichwier said...

There's only one "slappy" and he's playing for the Nationals right now.