Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Trade Deadline Passes

Thoughts on the Trade Deadline
Bullpen Catcher Will Now Take the Podium

By Bullpen Catcher

The 2007 non-waiver trade deadline passed earlier today and Terry Ryan sat on his phone while across town Kevin McHale was making headlines with his.

No Kevin Garnett for the (rest of the) Boston Celtics trade here folks.

Let me get this correct: The Twins, straddling the line between possible contender and a team set to unload for next year, made one deal. One damn deal. Not to get a power hitter. Not to add a bullpen arm. Not to move big money outfielder Torii Hunter nor Spittin' Carlos Silva. Heck, the Twins didn't even dump Lew Ford for a player to be named nor did they gamble by giving up Joe Nathan (thank goodness!) for prospects.

All Mr. Ryan did was hand off the team's most consistent hitter in a team filled with inconsistent hitters. And what in return? Um, some kids named Drew Butera and Dustin Martin. I know I'm not head of scouting for the big league club, but somehow I doubt this is going in the same category as other Ryan trades of the past. Most notably of those was A.J. Pierzynsky being moved so a kid named Mauer could catch -- in return the Twins got away with robbery (Nathan, Boof Bonser and Francisco Liriano). Remember when Rusty Kielty was sent to Toronto for Shannon Stewart? Those deals looked like they had reason and purpose.

What's the purpose here? Does this signify the Twins need another catcher because perhaps Mauer is moving positions soon? Is Morneau headed for an offseason trade because T.R. didn't lock him into a contract before the season? Is Mauer the new first baseman rather than the new third baseman?

Something smells like a conspiracy theory here. Get the Warren Commission together.

Other thoughts...
  • Morgan Ensberg was reported to be persued by the Twins by Bullpen Catcher, and while there were discussions, San Diego won out on picking up the worry-free contract (zero dollars) for the rest of the season.
  • The New York Mets sealed the National League East title with the Castillo trade. Castillo is a phenomenal fielder -- steady and fundamentally sound -- as well as a great leadoff hitter with speed. What did anyone else in the tightly contested East do? Atlanta made a lot of noise picking up Mark Teixeira and Octavio Dotal in separate trades, but being 4.5 back in the division is a lot to make up when the Phillies and the Mets are ahead of you. The Phillies? They may have crapped out on the trade deadline worse than the Twins. They "bolstered" their rotation with Kyle "Loser" Lohse, picked up 2B Tadahito Iguchi and the "where did he disappear to?" Julio Mateo. Ugh. In Philadelphia, the P.A. announcer can now officially begin each game with: "Gentlemen, start your booing."
  • The Twins are done. They'll play scrappy as usual for a bit, gain a game or two on the big boys and drop out of sight for the last time in 2007. Torii Hunter's playing to see how high bidding can get between the Yankees and Red Sox and the rest will be wondering who Spendthrift Carl Pohlad will let go in his prime next.
  • Ryan should send a thank-you note to the Timberwolves for putting the Garnett trade on the front page of the paper and top of the broadcast tonight. Instead, it would have been non-stop: "What the hell is going on with the Twins?" coverage.

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