Friday, August 3, 2007

Bridge Collapse

Bullpen Catcher and friends and family have all been accounted for since the collapse of the I-35W bridge Wednesday night. Spud was 300 feet short of the bridge on the south side (just past Washington Ave.) when it fell. He said he felt the ground shake and everyone all of a sudden started backing up quickly. He backed up to the Washington Ave. exit and got off the interstate and drove through the Cedar area south and didn't see anything else.

Thank God this didn't grow to a larger tragedy. God bless those who died or were injured in any way (physical or psychologically). It sure is hard to drive over a bridge now without worry, isn't it? I think my favorite quote thus far came from Sen. Amy Klobuchar who said something to the effect of: "Bridges in America just shouldn't fall down."

Photo courtesy of Minnesota Twins (; video courtesty of YouTube.


Bullpen Catcher said...

Didn't the Xcel (NSP) part of the Lower St. Anthony's Falls locks (the earthen dam to the North/West of the locks) burst a few years back? I wonder why no one is talking about that at all? it seems it should at least be a note if it truly did happen. I just remember the earth part of that dam was gone and then back.

rich said...

All of our family is present and accounted for as well. Had one good friend who travels back and forth several times a day over the bridge and was on it at 5:30 PM that day. Hadn't heard that Spud came so close to disaster. Hope all is well in sunny arizona and that you shot "lights out" on the course!