Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cirillo gone, Santana unhappy, Twins losing

Recent moves puzzling
Cirillo latest to go; Twins lose ground

By Bullpen Catcher
Utility player/ponderer of retirement Jeff Cirillo was claimed by Arizona and let go with no compensation. It was another in a series of near dumbfounding moves by the Twins:

1) Trade leadoff hitter/second baseman Luis Castillo for two low-level minor leaguers (one a catcher);
2) Made no trade of any significance to upgrade the team at the trade deadline;
3) Made no trade of any significance to get rid of contracts that were expiring and pick up prospects;
4) Letting Jeff Cirillo go at a time when the team talks about veteran leadership and needs hitting.

I'm not sure what's going through the heads of those at 34 Puckett Place, but it sure isn't looking like things are getting better. The Star-Tribune's story about Johan Santana's unhappiness may be a portent of what is going on in the team's clubhouse.

Santana's right. When does the rebuilding end? When do fans decidedly stop accepting being "that plucky lil' team that almost was contracted" and demand Carl Pohlad and Terry Ryan put together a team that lasts longer than one year?

The time for revolt is upon us. Fans heard a song-and-dance from Twins management that is much like the Scarecrow's song from Wizard of Oz: "If I only had a stadium ..." Well Carl, you got the taxpayer's money and construction has begun.

Pay up.

Time for the Twins to ADD to the team and pay the big players (Santana, Nathan, Hunter, Morneau, Cuddyer) and keep Joe Mauer happy. Add one more veteran pitcher to settle the Kids Rotation of next year down and kick ass for a few years.

So tired of celebrating "being in the wildcard race". So tired.

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