Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Twins streak again
This one kicks off a two-game losing streak

By Bullpen Catcher

The Twins' loss to Cleveland Tuesday night signals the official end to post-season talk for this team. It also shows exactly why the Twins were never a true contender this season: Lack of any consistency at all.

The Twins go five straight to pull within 5.5 games of Cleveland, then, facing the Indians and playoff destiny in their own hands, puke up two straight losses. The season has been full of streaks like this.

Heck, they may even come back to within 5 games next week when they face the Indians again, but that's as close as they'll get.

It's difficult when Boof has been so bad on the mound. He simply can't cut it. It may be time to think about him in a trade package over the winter. What is his upside for this team? I see very little. The rest of the rotation has an upside: Garza has a live arm. Liriano has the possibility of being Liriano again. Baker looks like most fifth starters in the league. Santana is the best pitcher in the American League. Slowey is young enough to still be a prospect (think a young Kevin Tapani). Heck, there's even hope for Perkins if his arm could heal (think a young Mark Guthrie).

But Boofie? You can have him.

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