Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time To Think Positive About 2008

Next Year's Team Can Be Now
By Bullpen Catcher

The Catcher has returned to the Bullpen after a well-earned vacation.

As the Twins continue to play mediocre baseball, it's time to look ahead rather than dwell on the negatives that so easily abound right now.

Good moves by the Twins of late: Luis Rodriguez is now playing in the minor leagues with Lew Ford. This rightly allows youngsters Garrett Jones, Brian Buscher, Alexi Casilla and Tommy Watkins a chance to prepare for next season.

As duly pointed out in a nice column last week, it's time to ready everyone for next year. Even if the Tigers and Indians falter at an historic rate the rest of the season and the Twins get in the playoffs, they will be promptly disposed of by the likes of the Red Sox or Mariners.

In regards to the Times article: I agree it's time to let the youngsters play. But Mauer at leadoff? At first it seems an odd proposition. He's the Twins best hitter, but tends to be dismal with runners in scoring position. I would have suggested he'd fare better as a No. 2 hitter, but maybe leadoff isn't a bad idea. Heck, Barry Bonds used to lead off for the Pirates.

Anything different would be better. Morneau isn't himself. Cuddyer is playing as could be expected (last year was obviously a career year). Torii Hunter is back to being Torii Hunter.

Soon it will be time for the Bullpen Catcher to unveil some deeper thoughts on next year, but for now I've got a few bags to unpack ...

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