Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lew Ford sent to minors where he belongs

No More Leewwwww!
Here's something to cheer about

By Bullpen Catcher

The Twins finally sent OF Lew Ford to the minors this week. It's the one move the team has made recently that makes any sense. Ford was horrible the past few years and really only had one season worth calling him a major leaguer.

Since the Twins can't hit or score any runs, maybe it's time for people to stop being teased by the "we're still in it" talk and realize it's time for more dredge to get released or sent to the minors (If Lew Ford is gone, then why in the world is Luis Rodriguez still with the team?). Time to call up some guys to work on next year.


Jimmy Olichwier said...

They're halfway to being rid of Lew. Just release him and save the money for anything else. He offers nothing. Poor on the bases, no bat, relatively no power, poor fielder and no brain.
All told, he's probably a 3/4-tool player. Please Terry Ryan, fewer piranhas and more sharks.

Mr. Hatten said...

Take a look at the Rochester AAA roster and find out how very few players with power the Twins have in the minors. It's horrible.

Jimmy Olichwier said...

It's not a good sign when their #1 draft pick in the June draft has slap hitter written all over him.